Develop your kids' sense of discovery and love for learning. With a Discovery Box, children become eager to explore science and nature. Start building your collection today and join us in sharing your discoveries.

Kids Explore Science and Nature with a Discovery Box

It is a multi-drawer collection box that comes with fossils, insects, geodes, shells and more. These exciting artifacts are only the beginning of the adventure as there is plenty of room in the drawers for items found here in our on-line catalog, or on backyard explorations, hikes in the woods and trips to the beach. Your Discovery Box will continuously grow and become an ongoing learning experience for your kids.


World Discovery Box Mini Details Catalog

Discovery Box for collecting natural artifacts

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Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Winner

"I think this is a great present for grandparents to give since it starts a dialogue. I really love the quality of the materials."

"A Must Have"

"Its about the only child’s item left today that doesn’t involve electronics and flashing video parts and quite simply, it’s amazing." MomDot Blog

Dr Toy Best Classic Toy

Dr. Toy Award Winner

"You easily share in the good feeling of nostalgia and enjoyment that is connected to toys that bring back special memories..."

"Nurture your child's talent for discovering treasures everywhere she goes. The Discovery Box is a child-sized chest of drawers filled with rocks, fossils, shells and insects. We imagine the collection will double in no time."


"Looks to be a fantastic starter wunderkammer for kids (and adults)! The cabinet of curiosity is preloaded with rocks, fossils, shells, bugs in lucite, and other natural and scientific wonders, plus plenty of space to add your own oddities."

Homeschool Best Education Gift Award -  Top Educational Gift -

"We can't say enough good things about the Discovery Box. It is such a great learning tool for our son. I recommend this for any child who likes to explore or is a hands-on learner! This is such a wonderful piece for our homeschooling curriculum, and there is so much room in this box for future discoveries. I can't wait to continue exploring with our son."

Professor PlayFair Blog

"This is truly a gift for the whole family. It is lovely enough to have a place anywhere in your home. The beauty of the box is striking."

Denver Post Mile High Mommas

"This wooden chest of drawers filled with amazing natural items like fossils, shells, geodes and insects was genius. Epic, even. How many toys are on the market that create a family lifestyle and culture around discovery?"


"This simple, yet beautifully designed set of wooden drawers has mashed-up the concept of the Nature Table and the child’s posting box. They provide a world of discovery by introducing a range of interesting species for children to discover from the natural world by simply opening a drawer...

Purchase the world discovery box and then get out into the backyard, the vacant block next door, or go camping and help your child discover a natural world that is relevant and meaningful to them."

You must see Enzo with his Discovery Box.

Enzo is a smart, exciting 10-year old kid who loves to share his science discoveries with other kids. Click to see him here and then check out his other Enzoology episodes on scorpions, spelunking and spaceship toilets at Your kids will love him!

No video above? Click here.


First Discovery Box experience.

Capture Moments of Discovery

Discovering a butterfly Remember when students inspect that first shiny, speckled rock, or spotted a spider crawling across its web or marveled at a butterfly fluttering through the air? These moments of discovery fill students with excitement and wonder and created a rich learning experience. Although you may have been stumped on the fifth or sixth question from your little explorer, your conversation together about the discovery reinforced the enjoyment of learning.

These discovery moments are precious and heart warming, but can pass quickly. With the Discovery Box, you have a way to capture and recreate them. The Discovery Box not only holds treasures, but it also captures the memories and learning around each discovery moment.

Build A Museum of Your Own

If you've ever been to the discovery room of a musuem, you are well aware of the whimsical discoveries to be made around every corner. You and your students experience a journey of discovery, learning about natural and cultural wonders from around the world. What if you had the opportunity to bring the discovery room to your classroom? What if every day could be a museum day? With a Discovery Box, a museum visit or a discovery adventure is always at hand.

Starfish discovery
Exploring at a pond

More Than an Educational Toy

The Discovery Box is not an ordinary educational toy. It creates a rich learning environment in the home and promotes a relationship focused around child development. It creates a curious approach to life in kids and fosters a true love for learning. Discovery Box is more of a complete learning experience than an educational toy.

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