Capture Moments of Discovery

 Remember when students inspect that first shiny, speckled rock, or spotted a spider crawling across its web or marveled at a butterfly fluttering through the air? 

The best science kit is found in your backyardThese moments of discovery fill students with excitement and wonder and created a rich learning experience. Although you may have been stumped on the fifth or sixth question from your little explorer, your conversation together about the discovery reinforced the enjoyment of learning.  

These discovery moments are precious and heart warming, but can pass quickly. With the Discovery Box, you have a way to capture and recreate them. The Discovery Box not only holds treasures, but it also captures the memories and learning around each discovery moment.

Discover the world under the sea.

 Build A Museum of Your Own

 If you've ever been to the discovery room of a musuem, you are well aware of the whimsical discoveries to be made around every corner. You and your students experience a journey of discovery, learning about natural and cultural wonders from around the world. What if you had the opportunity to bring the discovery room to your classroom? What if every day could be a museum day? With a Discovery Box, a museum visit or a discovery adventure is always at hand.

The best science gift is to explore outside.


More Than an Educational Toy

The Discovery Box is not an ordinary educational toy. It creates a rich learning environment in the home and promotes a relationship focused around child development. It creates a curious approach to life in kids and fosters a true love for learning. Discovery Box is more of a complete learning experience than an educational toy.